Wednesday, January 26, 2011

can you use the word AMAZING enough??

Tomorrow is my 27th birthday. I am feeling pretty positive about 27...I mean I am turning 27 on the 27th something amazing is going to happen, but if nothing else I would just like to feel amazing I did when I was like 19....but I am a lot cooler now. So to help me feel more amazing I did some yoga last night for the first time. Let me tell you yoga is as amazing as everyone says is it is. I never wanted to try it because I thought that it was too new age-y and too hippy-ish but really it's not. So happy birthday to me and happy new beginning to me! This is going to be my year! I hope.

Also I want to give my little girl Addy a birthday shout out too! She is turning 2 tomorrow! Isn't cool that we have the same birthday??


Amber said...

GO YOU!!!! I picture you and Shane doing Yoga in your living room. Makes me laugh!

Ariel said...

That makes me laugh too!